Pokerstars rakeback in 2016

Rakeback, Pokerstars 2016

Explanation of the new system:
Table of levels:
Code to generate plot (not user-friendly, Wolfram Mathematica):

There are several reason why I did not attempt to make comparisons with the old(still current in December 2015) system. Basically it is too complicated to make a fair comparison given the complexity of the old system and differences between the old system and the new. Major issues are:

1. Should one assume that the player will exchange FPPs to cash or for more optimal tournament buy-ins? What is the most optimal way to exchange? If player is exchanging for cash, which rate should one apply if the player is advancing a level during his playing?
2. How to count Milestone awards? These are earned during multiple months so it is unclear how to add them together and make fair comparison on a month to month basis…

Given these complications and possibly other, it is not clear to me how to make fair comparison.

I hope that this will still be useful for getting most out of your rakeback!

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