Twitch chat and viewers during the last day of The International 5 


This Saturday the largest event in the e-sports history has taken place. The International 5, Dota 2 tournament had a prize pool of 18.6 million dollars (e.g. single Wimbledon tournament has prize pool of around 16 million). Last year (when prize pool was around 10 million dollars) more than 20 million people tuned in to watch some part of the tournament. One of the channels for viewing the final day of the tournament was On the above figure we can see evolution of the number of viewers and number of chat messages sent during the last day on the main English speaking channel.

We can nicely see build up of viewers and drop after each game ends (end of games is shown with the dashed lines). We see prolonged dip in the number of viewers while teams are taking a break (around 14 to 15 PST) and then final drop after the finals end. Twitch chat reacts most strongly to the end of the games that the American team (EG) wins (for instance, notice that there is no spike during “event 6”, after the loss). Individual spikes are often associated with good plays in the game but also to whatever interesting is happening on screen. For instance, notice strong spike during the final stages of the event, during the DJ set which was poorly received; even though people are leaving, twitch chat actually intensifies.

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