Global warming, yet another perspective

Temperature extremes in Europe

Just a few days ago, highest temperature ever was recorded in Germany as Europe is sweltering this summer. The figure above is just showing us once again that the world is warming up. In equilibrium one would expect that dates of temperature minimums and maximums are randomly distributed, i.e. that for approximately half of the countries temperature extreme which happened last was temperature maximum and for half of them it was temperature minimum.

Well, for Europe that is certainly not so. Out of 31 countries that have dates of temperature extremes ( 26 of the have experienced temperature maximum last and for only 5 it was temperature minimum. Also for only one of these countries temperature minimum was set in last 10 years (Italy) while temperature maximum was set in last 10 years for 13(+1)  countries (Austria, Belarus, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Hungary, (Italy, but before minimum), Latvia, Macedonia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine).

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